Funko Pop! Television: Dr Who - Reconnaissance Dalek

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Television Doctor Who
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EAN: 0889698433501
Published: 26 October, 2019
Format: Vinyl Figure
Language: English
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Take a trip through time and space and relive the Thirteenth Doctor?s adventures with the Funko Pop! Television: Dr Who Reconnaissance Dalek. At 9cm tall, each vinyl Funko Pop! figure recreates an iconic pop culture character in an instantly recognisable, high-quality, bobble-head style with show, game or movie authentic features. Sent out from Skaro to prepare Planet Earth for an invasion, the terrifying Reconnaissance Dalek was defeated in the ninth century. With detailed Dalek armour, including an eyestalk, gunstick and manipulator arm, this figure is perfect for displaying in the exclusive, Doctor Who illustrated window box. Complete your Funko Pop! Television collection from 3 and over.


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