The Pick Up

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Cover Art for 9780008651725, The Pick Up by Hannah Doyle
ISBN: 9780008651725
Publisher: HQ Fiction GB
Published: 5 June, 2024 , in 16 days
Format: Paperback
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A laugh-out-loud romcom in 2024 perfect for fans of Catherine Walsh and Elena Armas Committing to a fake romance is easy. It's keeping it fake that's the problem … 'A truly original and memorable love story full of hilarious characters, relatable moments and laugh-out-loud lines. An absolute joy!' Helly Acton 'A big, sunny hug of a book that I loved, and was so sad to finish' Cressida McLaughlin Sophie Rogers finds it easy to focus on the important things in life. Like her daughter, her job and her family. So when Joe, another single parent at school suggests they fake a romance to help them both out of a fix, she throws herself in. But then Sophie starts to look forward to seeing Joe. In fact, she's thinking about his floppy hair, Irish accent and the way his lips felt when they grazed hers (her commitment to this is exceptional) more than their synced calendars and staged socials. And there is a reason the yummy mummies called him Hot Single Dad. Sophie Rogers isn't silly enough to fall in love with her fake boyfriend. Is she? 'Perfect, laugh out loud, heart warming read, with some corking one liners' Michelle Rawlins Readers LOVE The Pick Up: ‘I love fake dating stories and this one nailed it' 'Loved this fun and funny romcom with two single parents doing a fake dating scenario and catching real feelings!' 'I couldn't stop smiling!' 'The moment I picked the book up I was immersed, a book I intended to read for 20 mins before bed turned into a 3 hours session'

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