Property with She's on the Money

The ultimate first home buyer's guide: from the creator of the #1 finance podcast

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ISBN: 9780143778776
Published: 3 October, 2023
Format: Illustrated
Links Penguin AU
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Smash your property goals with Victoria Devine's informative guide - whether you're getting your first foot on the ladder, hunting for your dream home or planning for an investment property Even with the challenges involved (interest rates and crazy-high house prices, we're looking at you!), so many of us still really want to own property. Whether it's the security and financial perks of owning your home or the benefits of having an investment property, the appeal and rewards are many. But buying a property can also be one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make, so you want to get it right - right? Luckily, Victoria Devine has written Property with She's on the Money to equip you for the whole process - from establishing your property values and truly understanding why you want to buy a home, to saving for the all-important deposit, which key experts to speak to, all things mortgages, what to buy and when, and how to make every stage of the process as smooth as possible - right through to renovating and selling. It's packed with practical advice, innovative ideas and real-life stories from members of the She's on the Money community who have achieved their home ownership goals. With this game-changing guide, property is no longer confusing, overwhelming and out-of-reach. It's clear, inspiring - and totally within your power.

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