Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect

Can you solve the cleverest murder mystery of the year?

Ernest Cunningham #2
Cover Art for 9780143779940, Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson
ISBN: 9780143779940
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Published: 24 October, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Genre:Crime Fiction

PRE-ORDER NOW THE EAGERLY AWAITED FOLLOW-UP TO THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY HAS KILLED SOMEONE. Ernest Cunningham returns in a deliciously witty locked room (train) mystery. When the Australian Mystery Writers' Society invited me to their crime-writing festival aboard the Ghan, the famous train between Darwin and Adelaide, I was hoping for some inspiration for my second book. Fiction, this time- I needed a break from real people killing each other. Obviously, that didn't pan out. The program is a who's who of crime writing royalty- the debut writer (me!) the forensic science writer the blockbuster writer the legal thriller writer the literary writer the psychological suspense writer. But when one of us is murdered, six authors quickly turn into five detectives. Together, we should know how to solve a crime. Or commit one. How can you find a killer when all the suspects know how to get away with murder? Praise for EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY HAS KILLED SOMEONE- 'What an exceptionally fresh, smart, funny book - I've never read anything like this before.' Jane Harper 'As fresh and zingy as a salted lime. It's Knives Out meets Richard Osman. Or Dexter by way of Agatha Christie. Or Schitt's Creek with a body count.' A J Finn 'Readers won't want to put this story down . . . This is undoubtedly a future classic.' Big Issue Australia 'For something different, look no further than the very clever and entirely experimental Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone . . . One of the most anticipated books of the year.' Weekend Australian 'The best thing I've read in ages. I absolutely loved it. Whip-smart, twisted, funny, and constructed with the pinpoint precision of a bloodthirsty watchmaker.' Stuart MacBride 'I absolutely LOVED it. Engaging, entertaining and charming. I don't think I've ever read anything like it. It was such a fun read.' Marian Keyes 'Clever, unexpected, and not to be missed.' Karin Slaughter 'Elegantly sinuous, superbly plotted, and surprise-packed . . . One of the best damn things I've read this year.' WrittenbySime 'The most original novel you will read this year . . . a funny and clever novel that pays homage to the classic British murder mystery.' Canberra

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