Handbook of Public Information Systems

Cover Art for 9780824722333, Handbook of Public Information Systems by David, Garson
ISBN: 9780824722333
Publisher: CRC Press
Published: 29 March, 2005
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

Delivering IT projects on time and within budget while maintaining privacy, security, and accountability is one of the major public challenges of our time. The Handbook of Public Information Systems, Second Edition addresses all aspects of public IT projects while emphasizing a common theme: technology is too important to leave to the technocrats. Doing so imperils democratic values and is poor public management, jeopardizing strategic planning, policy development, and the mobilization of human capital. The handbook points the way to successful execution of IT projects by offering 39 contributed articles by experts in the field. Content includes introductory material that addresses 21st century public information systems, modern IT needs, and the development of e-government. It follows with an examination of the growth and use of information technology within and among government agencies and organizations. The book addresses current policy issues, offers case studies, and demonstrates successful public sector applications. Each section leads to a holistic approach that emphasizes communication, understanding, and participation from top management, technology teams, and end users.


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