How to Spot the (Star) Signs

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Cover Art for 9781761264412, How to Spot the (Star) Signs by Matt Galea
ISBN: 9781761264412
Publisher: Macmillan Australia
Published: 31 October, 2023 , in 28 days
Format: Trade Paperback
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Find true love. Manage your boss. Keep your friends. This book is your cosmic assistance go-to. For when you've planned a last-minute Tinder date and want to suss out if your signs are compatible. For when you've started a new job and want to figure out how to navigate the workplace. For when your mate is doing your head in and you're not sure how to manage their moods. From devout astrologers and toe-dipping cosmic cuties, to agnostics who can't quite deny things are a bit weird when Mercury is in retrograde, How to Spot the (Star) Signs is your spicy, savage guide to winning at life.


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