Insanely Gifted: Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel

Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel

Cover Art for 9781782118039, Insanely Gifted: Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel by Jamie Catto
ISBN: 9781782118039
Publisher: Canongate Books
Published: 14 July, 2016
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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From infancy we are taught to edit ourselves, trimming out the darker, weirder, less acceptable parts in order to please others. But this addiction to approval is holding us back.What if we begin to be ourselves, honestly and fully? Insanely Gifted shows how to transform our thinking and turn our inner demons into allies. How to reframe disappointment (because not getting what we want can be as interesting and useful as getting what we want). Through techniques to become aware of our Inner Critic, and exercises such as Full Body Listening, Catto invites us to better know our deepest instincts and unlock our true power.


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