Ocean Prey: 31

Lucas Davenport #31

Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers join forces on a deadly maritime case in the remarkable new novel from internationally bestselling author John Sandford. An off-duty Coast Guardsman is fishing with his family when he calls in some suspicious behavior from a nearby boat. It's a snazzy craft, slick and outfitted with extra horsepower, and is zipping along until it slows to pick up a surfaced diver . . . a diver who was apparently alone, without his own boat, in the middle of the ocean. None of it makes sense, and his hunch is proved right when all three Guardsmen who come out to investigate are shot and killed. They're federal officers killed on the job, which means the case is the FBI's turf. When the FBI's investigation stalls out, they call in Lucas Davenport. And when his case turns lethal, Davenport will need to bring in every asset he can claim, including a detective with a fundamentally criminal mind: Virgil Flowers. READERS LOVE THE PREY SERIES asquo;One of the great novelists of all timeesquo; Stephen King squo;A series writer who reads like a breath of fresh airfsquo; Daily Mirror usquo;John Sandford knows all there is to know about detonating the gut-level shocks of a good thrillerfsquo; New York Times Book Review dsquo;John Sandford has the Midas touchpsquo; Huffington Post Ssquo;Delivers twists to the very last sentenceisquo; Daily Mail msquo;Crime writer John Sandford is one of the best aroundesquo; Sun

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