The Year I Met My Brain

An essential and empowering guide for any adult living with ADHD - compassionate, funny and full of practical tips. Matilda Boseley's adult ADHD diagnosis was a massive, earth-shattering event. She was given a prescription but had no idea what ADHD meant for her identity, her relationships or her future. Twelve months of confusion later, journalist Matilda embarked on an epic voyage to figure out what's really happening in the stormy seas of the ADHD brain and write the guide she wished she'd had. The Year I Met My Brain is the ultimate travel companion for navigating and enjoying life as an ADHD adult, covering- - what adult ADHD symptoms look like - why so many ADHDers (especially females) are missed as kids - how the disorder impacts our relationships, careers and self-esteem - why we unfairly treat ourselves like failures - and how to find self-forgiveness and healing - practical tips for social and organisational wins - and, most importantly, how to make our lives work to fit our brains rather than trying to force our brains to fit our lives. Uplifting, empowering, deeply researched and sparkling with 'a-ha' moments, The Year I Met My Brain is an invaluable resource for ADHDers and those who love them.

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Oct, 2023
New: $34.99

Oct, 2023
New: $15.99

Sep, 2023
New: $29.35

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